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Exhibitor Evaluation



    Executive Manager  
    Mr. LIU YUNG CHIH      
This is my first participation, and I think the event is well-organized. Due to our cutting-edge wireless charging facility, we’ve attracted a lot of attention during CNIBF. We are going to attend next year to offer more information about our product and technology.
2、Shenzhen Capchem technology Co., Ltd.
     Lithium & capacitor chemicals Department  
     General Manager  Mr. Yuhua Mao
We’ve participated CNIBF twice as exhibitor. This year, we’ve prepared well for this event to showcase our new-established manufacturing base in Nantong city. During the event, a lot of stop by our booth, and I think, thanks to the organizer, we’ve accomplish the our intention which is to expand in eastern China and to maintain connections with certain big players in eastern China.
3、Daneat Materials Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. 
     General Manager  Mr. LS Yang
Daneat is a JV of BenQ Materials and Chery Automation. We dedicates to separator for power cell. The organizer of CNIBF have invited several potential buyers for us, and accordingly, we’ve already taken some orders from the buyer. Another noticeable element is that there are some technology forum held during the event, which is absolutely an extra attraction for the visitors. We wish a better future of CNIBF, and we might invest more in the next event.
Culture Express Co., Ltd.  International Affairs Department 
4、Culture Express Co., Ltd. 
    International Affairs Department 
    Senior Manager Director   Mrs. KAORU IKEDA
This is the first time we attend a Chinese battery exhibition, the outcome of our attendance is quite compelling. Before I take off from Japan, some companies request me to bring their product to CNIBF, to test the reaction of Chinese market. I didn’t expect the result can be this good. Due to the constrain of time and effort, I just bought 6 products this year, however with this compelling result, we shall invest more next year.
Beijing Sevenstar Electronics Co., Ltd.  General manager,Jin Lu
A good quantity of equipment manufactories either for exhibiting or visiting, which represent the main stream of national power battery equipment manufactories, come up to this fair. Eastern market will gradually be the main camp of power battery market.  I believe that the fair will be better and better by us working hard together.
Chaoyang Liyuan New Energy Co., Ltd.  Chairman,Li Guojun
I saw many peers in this show, such as lithium battery industry, super capacitor industry, equipment industry and material industry. All of these industries develop rapidly. It indicates that the manufactories firmly believe that there will be a great breakthrough of new energy industry, especially the new energy power battery and power automobile industry.’
Shenzhen Geesun Automation Technology Co., Ltd. General manager , Yang Rukun
I consider this exhibition as a very good one. This is one of the most important feasts in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD). In other perspective, I also feel that YRD is the core base of lithium battery development in our country. Comparatively, we think that the YRD’s industries are developing more reasoningly. And there comes lots of manufactories here. We are glad to offer great support to this kind of show. I think this one is really successful.
Thunder Sky Co., Ltd.  Chairman Assistant,  Zhang Peng
I think this show is doing pretty good. We hope that this fair can keep going on and on, and be better and better. I will continue to come next year.
Winko Technology Co. Ltd.  Deputy General Manager  Xu Yi
Zhenwei held the show quite delicately. The effects of this exhibition are apparently very good even though the exhibition space is not so huge. The show offers us a wonderful platform of the industry, including equipment industry that we are doing. Although this industry is mainly around in the Southern China, we don’t have many chances to gather with the peers, you know, like sitting around and taking about company development. Also all of us could have more information about our industry and communication.  Generally speaking, this is a successful exhibition.
China National Aviation (Luoyang) Co., Ltd Foreign Trade Business Manager Zhou Ming
Some of the major companies in this industry have come to this fair, we had new understanding on the main information in the industry. That’s how we feel about this show.
Shenzhen Great Faculty Technology Co. Ltd.  Ou Lingzhen
I found that the most of the visitors are professional in this industry, and they have good pertinence. I saw many of our company’s clients here. All in all I would say this is a successful show.
Dongguan Honbro Precision Machinery Manufacturing Factory, Chairman, Yu Shimin
   This is a huge-scale exhibition that helps our business a lot and even out of our expectation. I believe that Zhenwei will make the show more significant in the future. I also believe that Zhenwei will create a better stage and make greater contribution in the lithium battery industry. 
FLUKO Equipment Shanghai Co., Ltd  Marketing Manager  Zhang Sibin
So far as I known, this is the second time for this exhibition. A new exhibition like this can achieve such a good effect during the developing period is really amazing. I firmly believe that the show will be better and better.
Guangzhou CLG ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD  Chief Engineer  MR.Matsumoto
We took part in the Tokyo International Battery Fair in May. Comparatively speaking, I think this is also a very high-level show which amazes me. I hope you guys will keep working on it.
Sonics & Materials, Inc.  Regional Manager Mike Patrikios
Our company is honored to participate in the exhibition. The rapid development of the domestic battery industry made an deep impression on us and we believe that the future of domestic battery industry must be bright. We look forward to participation in this event next year.
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